Recent studies have shown that the risks and costs of managing a typical paper-based business form throughout its life cycle can be staggering:

>A typical four-drawer file cabinet costs $2,000 a year in maintenance and $25,000 to fill. [1]

>Productivity losses due to workers inability to find needed information in a timely manner average $14,000 per year.[2]

>Even a very small rate of misfiled of records can create expensive stoppages in workflow. If only .5% of the total records stored in a single four-drawer filing cabinet are misplaced, it results in 1,000 permanently lost documents with potentially serious consequences.[3]

>70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.[4]

Some of the services we offer:

Whole page image capture with classification

Scan and save a digital image of all your documents, managing their storage location in your selected archive, where the classification can be based on key words or image objects found on the form.

Whole page image capture with searchable text

Creates a digital record of all recognized text, allowing for key word searches, thereby allowing you to locate desired documents and information at a later date.

Whole page image capture with automatic data extraction.

Determines the form type based on your criteria, then extracts just the data relevant to your needs, moving it directly into your business applications or databases. Original images can then be automatically archived or destroyed.

Everything is fully customizable

Choose where your documents originate. A file folder, a remote web based station or a scanner. Files can be imported automatically as they arrive, or an operator can manage the input.

Choosing which employees have access to differing document types helps you to keep sensitive data secure.

Automatic determination of data elements needing review by an operator allow for the highest levels of accuracy.

Multiple options available for data verification, cross checking data within the form or to databases.

Selectively choose different output file folders and image formats based on document type.